Micro-albumin (mALB) Control

Micro-albumin (mALB) Control

SKU: 51960-C1
  • Kit Composition

    Control 1-2      2 x 1ml

  • Intended Use

    This control is intended to be used as a consistent test sample of known concentrations for monitoring the ImmunoDiagnostics Limited Micro-albumin assay (Cat. No. 51960)

  • Control Preparation

    The controls are ready to use and do not require reconstitution.

  • Storage and Handling

    All controls should be stored refrigerated (2-8°C).  Return all controls to 2-8°C promptly after use. Unopened controls can be used for one year from the date of manufacturing as indicated on the expiration date on the package and bottle labels.  Opened bottles of control can be used for 1 month if stored at 2-8°C.

  • Calibrator Values

    Control 1: 18.0~22.0 mg/L

    Control 2: 90.0~110.0 mg/L

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