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Olink Proteomics

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Targeted protein screening by Olink panels offers a unique way of investigating a selected part of the proteome in the search for disease-specific biomarkers, within multiple areas such as immunology, cardiovascular disease, neurology, and oncology

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  • Olink® Explore 3072

  • Olink® Target 96

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Immunodiagnostics’s COVID-19 products are highlighted by spotlights of Euronews

Immunodiagnostics has now developed six highly specific and sensitive diagnostics immunoassays, and has distributed these products to over 20 countries for both population-based screening and rapid detection of COVID-19 patients.


A Brief Introduction of ImmunoDiagnostics Limited


Video for Test Procedure of COVID-19 Detection Kit

ImmunoDiagnostics has newly developed a rapid COVID-19 antigen detection kit with high sensitivity and specificity.


(With European CE and Brazil ANVISA Approval for IVD use)


Diagnostic Products

Series of immunoassays for the diagnosis of major chronic diseases


Research Products

Immunoassay, Validated Antibodies, Bioactive Proteins, microRNA

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