Monkeypox Virus Molecular Diagnostic Kit 
(Fluorescent PCR Test) (Lyophilized)

This product is intended for qualitative detection of the Monkeypox virus DNA

● Reliable   ● High specificity    ● High accuracy  ● Universal

For Professional Use Only
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Video for Test Procedure of COVID-19 Detection Kit

ImmunoDiagnostics has newly developed a rapid COVID-19 antigen detection kit with high sensitivity and specificity.


(With European CE and Brazil ANVISA Approval for IVD use)


Immunodiagnostics’s COVID-19 products are highlighted by spotlights of Euronews

Immunodiagnostics has now developed six highly specific and sensitive diagnostics immunoassays, and has distributed these products to over 20 countries for both population-based screening and rapid detection of COVID-19 patients.

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