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OLINK Proteomics

Targeted Protein Screening for Biomarker Discovery 

ImmunoDiagnostics provides protein biomarker screening using Olink Proteomics Panels

Biomarkers for early diagnosis, prognosis, patient stratification, or monitoring treatment response is increasing in demand with the focus on personalized medical treatment.

Protein biomarkers offer a significantly higher degree of differentiated information compared to genomic biomarkers. In addition, proteins represent the direct functionality which makes them essential in understanding disease pathology and associated biological processes.

Targeted protein screening by Olink panels offers a unique way of investigating a selected part of the proteome in the search for disease-specific biomarkers, within multiple areas such as immunology, cardiovascular disease, neurology, and oncology.

High Quality Data


Superior specificity from Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology.

High-throughtput Analysis

96*92 Samples

Simultaneous measurement of 92  protein biomarkers with 96 samples in one panel.

Effective Use of Samples

Less is More

Only 1 microliter samples consumed per panel.

Disease-focus Panels

6 Key Disease 

Each panel is focused on a specific area of disease or a key biology process.

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