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Polyclonal Antibody Development

IMD provides a comprehensive range of quality services for production of polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) in rabbits, rats and mice. From design and synthesis of peptide antigens, conjugation with carrier proteins to animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis, antibody purification, characterization and labeling.


We have extensive experience in antigen design and generation of custom peptide antibodies and monospecific peptide antibodies to highly discrete epitopes. Additionally, we can also help customers to express recombinant proteins or protein fragments as antigens for immunization.


Our knowledge of antigen-determining factors (e.g., size, secondary structure and immunogenicity) allow us to produce custom antibodies with superior specificity, affinity and assay utility, thus increasing the chance to obtain high quality antibodies for various applications, such as IHC, IF, FACS, ELISA, Western blotting or immunoprecipitation.

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