Anti-mouse IL-33 Antibody, Rabbit pAb

Anti-mouse IL-33 Antibody, Rabbit pAb

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Polyclonal Antibody against Mouse IL-33

Application: ELISA

Size: 0.1 mg

Host: Rabbit


    IL‑33 was identified based on sequence and structural homology with IL‑1 family cytokines. The N‑terminal portion of full length IL‑33 contains a predicted bipartite nuclear localization sequence and a homeodomain‑like helix‑turn‑helix DNA binding domain. The C‑terminal fragment, corresponding to mature IL‑33, binds and triggers signaling through mast cell IL‑1 R4/ST2L, a longtime orphan receptor involved in the augmentation of Th2 cell responses. A ternary signaling complex is formed by the subsequent association of IL‑33 and ST2L with IL‑1R AcP. Stimulation of Th2 polarized lymphocytes with mature IL‑33 in vitro induces IL‑5 and IL‑13 secretion. In vivo administration of mature IL‑33 promotes increased production of IL‑5, IL‑13, IgE, and IgA, as well as splenomegaly and inflammatory infiltration of mucosal tissues.


    Recombinant mouse IL-33 (Cat. No.: 41750) in E.coli.


    The antibody detects mouse IL-33 in ELISA.


    Antigen affinity-purified


    Liquid in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS).


    Store at –20°C for less than one week. For long-term storage, aliquot and freeze at -70°C. Avoid repeated freeze/defrost cycles.


    ELISA - This antibody can be used as capture antibody in Mouse IL-33 ELISA (Cat. No.: 31750).


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