• Human Procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide (P1NP) immunoassay kit

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      Procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide (P1NP) is the N-terminal extension of procollagen type 1 removed proteolytically during collagen formation1. P1NP is a bone formation biomarker usually secreted into blood stream as unstable trimeric structure which subsequently undergo thermal degradation to form a stable monomeric structure2.


      A. Sensitivity

      The lowest level of human PINP that can be detected by this assay is 62.5 pg/ml.

      B. Precision

      Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay) <3.3%

      Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays) <5.1%

      C. Recovery: Will update soon

      D. Specificity: Will update soon

      E. Samples: Serum and plasma

      F. Storage:  4°C

    • References:

      1. Garnero P., et al. (2008) Clin. Chem. 54(1):188-196

      2. Kuo and Chen (2017) Biomark. Res. 5:18



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