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Human Galectin-3 ELISA kit

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  • Galectin-3 is a member of the b-galactoside-binding lectins family which has conserved carbohydrate recognition domain (CDR). It is a 35 kDa protein located in cytoplasm, nucleus and extracellular spaces. It is also also a member of the beta-galactoside-binding protein family that plays an important role in cell-cell adhesion, cell matrix interactions, macrophage activation, angiogenesis, apoptosis and insulin resistance. Elevated serum galectin-3 levels were observed in Behcet’s disease, thyroid, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease such as left atrial appendage (LAA) stroke and in several types of cancers especially when it is metastatic. Moreover, circulating levels of galectin-3 were higher in obese patients and it is an indicator of insulin resistance.