• Porcine insulin immunoassay kit

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      Insulin is a hormone synthesized by the b cells of pancreatic islets. It consists of two amino acid chains, A chain and B chain, linked with a sulphide bond. The A chain is made of 21 amino acids and B chain with 30 amino acids. Insulin has a molecular weight of 5.8KDa1.


      A. Sensitivity

      The lowest insulin level that can be measured by this assay is 3µU/ml.


      B. Precision

       Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay) C.V. < 10%.

       Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays) C.V. <10%.


      C. Recovery

      The recovery of the assay was determined by adding various amounts insulin to a sample. The measured concentration of the spiked sample in the assay was compared to the expected concentration.  The average recovery was 92%.


      D. Specificity: Will update soon

      E. Sample : Serum and plasma

      F. Storage: 4°C

    • References:

      1- Mane K et al.,(2012) J Basic Clin Pharm 3(2):283-293



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