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Pre-Clinical and Clinical Sample Analysis

IMD team has >15 years of experience in development and application of immunoassays for accurate quantification of protein biomarkers and metabolites for both preclinical and clinical samples.

The company has established a comprehensive range of automatic and high throughput analytical platforms to address the challenges of the extremely high dynamic range of plasma biomarkers (>12 orders of magnitude from fg/ml to mg/ml), and also developed >100 highly-sensitive and specific immunoassays for protein biomarkers related to major chronic diseases:

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 4.32.38 PM.png

IMD provides following assay services to academic and clinical researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech industries and medical laboratories for quantitative measurement of single and/or multiple biomarkers in body fluids:

  • Selection of most appropriate assay types and methods according to concentration range and sample size;

  • Collection of samples from customers

  • Performing assays with kits developed by IMD or other reliable vendors

  • Analysis and delivery of data to customers

Advantages of IMD assay service

Extensive experience in bioassays and biobanks;

Advanced analytical platform (single and multiple targets)

Capacity to handle thousands of samples within weeks;

Strict quality control to minimize batch-to-batch variation;

In house assays and high throughput to ensure low cost;

Customization of assays according to your requirements

Flexible  and fast (within 1-2 weeks)

We develop assays; We know all about them; All you need to do is to send us samples!

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